A variety of Chinese soups to nourish your body in four seasons

A variety of Chinese soups to nourish your body in four seasons

Regardless of spring, summer, autumn, or winter, everyone will match the Chinese soup with the weather and their body conditions to keep healthy. However, modern people live busy life and rarely have time to cook soup. Do you want to stay healthy in a convenient way? Food Channels Delivery must be an excellent choice. A variety of soups in Food Channels Delivery can suit your preferences in four seasons.  

"We add a lot of nutritive ingredients into the soup to nourish your body, it can also be used as a delicious after-dinner soup. "

As the name suggests, there are four styles of Four Seasons Stewed Soup, which can be enjoyed all year round, they are cordyceps flower, dried scallops, fish maw chicken soup, Asian ginseng, dried longan, fish maw chicken soup,  blaze mushroom, conch meat, fish maw chicken soup, and Chinese red dates, Asian ginseng, fish maw chicken soup.

Chicken contains lower fat than pork or beef, and has excellent protein nutrients, as well as amino acids, minerals, vitamins, etc. With a variety of nourishing ingredients, the delicious soup not only warms your stomach but also has a variety of beneficial effects.

Cordyceps flower, dried scallops, fish maw chicken soup

Asian ginseng, dried longan, fish maw chicken soup

Blaze mushroom, conch meat, fish maw chicken soup

Chinese red dates, Asian ginseng, fish maw chicken soup

Premium ingredients to stew chicken soup with high nutritive value

Health Benefits

The Chinese community is aware of the health benefits of the primary ingredients in this soup. The nutrients you’ll receive from the soup are listed below. 

Dried Cordyceps Flower

Cordyceps flower, strong scent, a shiny, thick body without black spots, all-natural without any sulfur added. Cordyceps flower is neutral in nature and nutrient-rich and has the effects of strengthening the body, benefiting the liver and kidneys, and preventing allergies

Asian Ginseng

Asian ginseng strengthens the immune system, which might help the body fight off infection and disease. It seems to be an antioxidant. Antioxidants help rid the body of free radicals, which are substances that can damage DNA and contribute to heart disease and diabetes. It is credited with helping the body deal with physical or mental stress. It may also reduce the risk of some types of cancers. 

Dried Longan

Another sweet fruit with white flesh that is ‘warm’ in nature, and is a tonic herb used to help nourish the blood when there is a deficiency. In addition, it is a herb used to relieve fatigue.

Blaze Mushroom

It nourishes the liver and lungs, strengthens immunity, counters computer radiation, and supplements nutrients for the body. It is suitable for computer clans exposed to radiation from computers and mobile phones.

Chinese Red Dates

A sweet red fruit that is ‘warm’ in nature and is a tonic herb usually used to help with qi deficiency. Tonifies the spleen and stomach qi, as well as blood by nourishing and replenishing the qi, yin, and yang of the body when it is deficient or weak. 

Dried Scallops

It is believed that dehydrating scallops concentrate the minerals, making them rich in protein, zinc, and vitamins. They are consumed to lessen symptoms of high blood pressure, tiredness, and cholesterol.

Whole Chicken

The chicken contains a high nutritional value, low fat, and many amino acids. It alleviates the human deficiency of Qi and blood. Its amino acids enhance protein synthesis and accelerate wound healing. We highly recommend especially for women during post menstrual cycle, postpartum, and after a miscarriage.

Fish Maw 

Sweet and neutral. It works by hydrating and nourishing Yin, the internal organs, and the skin as it targets the liver and kidney meridians. Fish Maw has a lot of protein, rich in collagen, and boosts vitality. 

Conch Meat

Protein, iron, calcium, vitamin A, and other nutrients are abundant in the conch. It enhances Qi, heals jaundice, dispels "heat," and enhances vision.

Delectable Chinese soup, Suitable for family 

Due to the current pandemic situation, many people want to drink stewed soup at home but they don’t want to cook it themselves. You don’t need to worry because Food Channels Delivery can satisfy your needs at any time. Get ready to enjoy our Chinese stewed soup now!

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