Our Team

Our Team

Prepared by experienced chefs

Professional kitchen

Food Channels Delivery owned a well-equipped kitchen to provide the best cuisines with high quality.

We have countless amazing dishes including Chinese cuisines, seafood feast, stewed soup, etc. Our professional chef team, with over 20 years experiences, are dedicated to select the best ingredients to make delicacies with creativity and passion.

Your health and safety is on our top priority, we straightly followed the requirements of Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Quality Safety (QS). Regular facilities and temperature checking will be conducted everyday.

Taste your happiness

Our kitchen's daily

Food Preparation

First thing in the morning! Fresh food delivered to our kitchen every morning and we will ensure every ingredients is in safe and hygienic condition.

Orders Processing

After checking the ingredients, it's time to process our orders! From washing to cooking, from packing to delivering, we try our best to make the most mouth-watering meals and deliver in a timely manner. 

Research & Development

To keep our menu fresh, our kitchen will keep updating the menu with seasonal items.  We also love to hear from you to make our best dishes.

Expert in Chinese Cuisine

The way to keep healthy

We adhere to keep our promise of using high-quality fresh ingredients. All food items are 100% freshly made in Tsuen Wan Kitchen. You will definitely be able to experience unforgettable food catering. Especially all Chinese soups are prepared whole-heartedly by professional chefs, with zero MSG and zero additives. It takes serval hours in preparing and cooking. It is very good for our health and shows the wisdom of a thousand years of history. 

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