One-Bite Desserts Set
Chocolate Brownie 24 pcs Vanilla Puff 24 pcs Red Bean Mochi 24 pcs
Deep-fried Crispy Snacks Set
Garlic Chicken Wing in Typoon Shelter Style  12 pcs Cuttlefish Roll  12 pcs Fried Cheese Ball 24 pcs Chicken Nugget  12 pcs Japanese Rice Cake with Cheese  12 pcs Stuffed Crab Shell  12 pcs Cream Crab Hash Brown  12 pcs...
Southeast Asian Snacks Set
Pork Satay 12 pcs Beef Satay 12 pcs Taiwanese Sausage 12 pcs Pork Dumpling 12 pcs Teriyaki Chicken Skewer 16 pcs Stuffed Crab Shell 12 pcs Sweet Potato Roll 12 pcs Vietnamese Shrimp Egg Roll 12 pcs
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