Luxurious Cuisines Set (For 6 people)

Deluxe Chinese Cuisine
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1 Braised Shark Fin with Bamboo Fungus & Fish Maw Soup 8-10 people/
2 Steamed Crab with Egg White and Huadiao Wine 1pc/
3 Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallion 6pcs/
4 Stir-fried Giant Grouper with Scallion and Soy Sauce 2lbs/
5 Parchment Baked Garlic Shrimp 500g/
6 Deep-fried Garlic Beef Ribs 2lbs/
7 Vegetables Soaked in Gold and Silver Eggs with Sergestid Shrimp 2lbs/
8 Stewed Rice with Abalone and Dried Scallop 3lbs/
*Including Disposable Tableware
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